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Melodic Mansion – The rare color British Shorthair and Scottish cattery

Melodic Mansion represents for our dream, setting up beautiful cats with rare colors and really good in interaction with human.

Cats are considered as family member since early time and sticked to human’s daily life since their childhood till they are fully grown, since their juvenile time till their old time. Cats are always have a position in human’s life which reducing the feeling of being lonely, stress as well as improving human’s spiritual life.

We decide to breed British Shorthair and Scottish cats as we believe that they are most suitable for urban living condition like friendly, not so active or passive, prefer indoor environment and good in interaction with human. These characteristics of British Shorthair and Scottish cats are extremely good to children.

Besides the above characters, British Shorthair and Scottish cats are also preferred by cat owners due to their color diversification which we can easily find various colors like Cream, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac, Red, Silver, Golden…as well as the diversification of patterns.

We are not only focus on the external beauty of the cats, their good characteristics are also very important as we believe people who breeds the cats are seeking for their true friend. Melodic Mansion designs its own caring and training program with consultation of nutrition, health from oversea experts as well as our self-developed training program help satisfying our customers.

Melodic Mansion is going its unique way in selecting coat color, you can easily find our premium and rare color cats like Red Silver Chinchilla, Blue Golden Chinchilla, chocolate Golden, Lilac Golden…Our cats for breeding are chosen carefully from world class catteries with clearly origin and color ensuring highest quality kittens introducing to the market.

We believe that our customers will be most satisfied with our diversity and rare color, good health and interaction quality and Vietnamese can find the best kitten friends very soon.


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